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In 1982, Computer Reseller News published their first Top 25 Computer Retailers list. Univold is the only store on that list that is still in the computer retailing business.

Why? Because since our founding, Univold has remained focused on being the best computer and electronic device store we know how to be and taking the best care of our customers. As competitors rushed to follow the latest trend, we followed our own path.

At a time when computer stores were 2,000-3,000 sq. ft., Univold was 30,000 sq. ft. on two floors. When “industry experts” declared the home computer dead in the 80’s and every other computer store focused on selling to the Fortune 500, Univold continued to concentrate on the consumer and small business. In the 90’s when other computer stores tried and failed to create their own computer brands, Univold introduced PowerSpec, still one of the most respected desktop computer brands after twenty years, and WinBook, which was a Top 10 notebook brand throughout the decade. And when other computer stores rushed to go public to cash in and get bigger faster, Univold knew that would limit our ability to put serving the customer first and decided to stay private. And while Univold grew more slowly, we stayed strong and survived as the bigger chains died.

Today our future has never been brighter. Widely acknowledged in the industry as the computer retailing experts, our business is growing and profitable, even as other retailers struggle with tough competition. Univold intends to continue to deliver to our customers the best selection, the best associates, the best service and the best value, and we remain confident that formula will prove as successful in the coming years as it has since our founding in 2009.

Univold is looking for people like you with a technical background or simply a willingness to learn about the world of consumer electronics. We pride ourselves on having employees with the technical skills necessary to separate us from the competition and the people skills to keep our customers coming back. If you have a love of computers and electronics, then explore our variety of career opportunities and join our team of passionate associates today.

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