• NRGence OL3000LV Professional Online 3000VA Rack/Tower UPS

    Key FeaturesManufacturer Part Number: OL3000LVPlug/Connector Type: NEMA L5-30PReceptacles: 8 x NEMA 5-20R1 x NEMA L5-30RTransfer Time: 0 nsLoad Capacity: 3000 VA/2880 WInput Voltage: 120 V ACInput Voltage Range: 88 V AC – 155 V ACBackup/Run Time (Full Load): 2.96 MinuteTypical Battery Recharge Time: 3 HourHeight: 24.8″Width: 17.2″Depth: 3.5″Rack Height: 2UForm Factor: Rack/TowerWeight (Approximate): 64.98 lbPackage Contents: Professional Online 3000VA Rack/Tower UPS 1x Rack Mounting Kit 1x Rail Slide Kit 1x RS-232 Cable 1x USB Type A to B Cable 1x Tower Stand set 1x User Instructions Environmentally Friendly: YesEnvironmental Certification: RoHSWEEELimited Warranty: 2 YearPackage Contents Professional Online 3000VA Rack/Tower UPS 1x Rack Mounting Kit 1x Rail Slide Kit 1x RS-232 Cable 1x USB Type A to B Cable 1x Tower Stand set 1x User Instructions OverviewThe ATEN Professional Online UPS is an exceptional and innovative electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, or the mains, fails. The basic technology of an online UPS is the same as in a standby or line-interactive UPS, however, the ATEN Professional Online UPS provides a much greater current of AC-to-DC battery-charger/rectifier where the rectifier and inverter are designed to run continuously with improved cooling systems. In all our years of working with computers, we’ve found the vast majority of hardware failures can be directly attributed to the stress hardware components experience during the shut-down and startup process, especially if power surges or blackouts are involved. With severe weather, the aging electrical grid, and hazards lurk inside your own walls, your equipment is under constant attack from power problems. Even a brief loss of power, sags, or a momentary surge can ruin your equipment and destroy irreplaceable data. Desktop computers don’t have batteries built-in like laptops do. If you are working on a desktop during a power outage, the system would come to an immediate halt. Not only would you lose your work, but the process imposes unnecessary stress on your machine.If a UPS is present and a power loss occurs, the batteries in the UPS would keep the power steady and unchanged. The ATEN Professional Online UPS adjusts incoming AC power, provides battery backup to pass through most outages, and saves open files automatically. When power is restored, the UPS begins recharging its batteries. The Online UPS unit continuously filters wall power through the battery system. Since the attached electronics run completely off the battery (that are always topped off by the external power supply), there is never a single millisecond of power interruption when there is power loss or voltage regulation issues. The Online UPS unit thus acts as an electronic firewall between your devices and the outside world by stabilizing all the electricity to which your devices are exposed. The UPS has one USB port and one Serial port that allow connection and communication between the UPS and the connected computer. Power management software installed on the connected computer(s) gives IT professionals the tools they need to easily monitor and manage their backup power. This advanced software allows users to access vital UPS battery conditions, load levels, and runtime information as well as provide unattended shut down of network computers and virtual machines connected to a battery backup during a power event. The ATEN Professional Online UPS offers you a different way to access detailed UPS settings and information with an LCD screen. The illuminated LCD screen displays input voltage, battery capacity, etc. and includes a three-button configuration interface and audible alarms for different modes of operation.