• Zebra 800059-510 Premier ID Card

    Key FeaturesManufacturer Part Number: 800059-510Technology: Bar Code CardMedia Type: PrintableMedia Thickness: 1.18″Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

  • Bosch DCN-IDCRD ID Card (100 pcs)

    Key FeaturesManufacturer Part Number: DCN-IDCRDMedia Type: PrintableMedia Size: 2.13″ WidthOverviewThese standard credit-card format ID cards are used by delegates to identify them to the DCN Next Generation system. This can be a pre-requisite for access to contribution units and activities such as attendance registration and voting.

  • Bosch ACD-IC16K26-50 iCLASS 16K Wiegand Card (26-bit)

    Key FeaturesManufacturer Part Number: ACD-IC16K26-50Technology: Proximity CardMedia Type: PrintableMedia Size: 3″ Width x 2″ LengthOperating Frequency: 13.56 MHzEncryption: WiegandEncryption Key Size: 3 ByteMemory Size: 2 KBColor: WhiteCompatibility: HID iCLASS Card Reader: R10 R40 RK40 OverviewThe card complies with 15693 and 14443B ISO standards for smart card technology and operates at 13.56 MHz. It works with the R10, R40, and RK40 iCLASS Readers. The card is programmed to Wiegand 26-bit format. It has sixteen 1 Kb application areas (2K Byte capacity). The card’s extra memory is suitable for multiple applications such as biotechnology. It is programmed, has a glossy finish, and has inkjet matching numbers.

  • Bosch ACD-IC16K37-50 iCLASS 16K Wiegand Card

    Key FeaturesManufacturer Part Number: ACD-IC16K37-50Technology: Smart CardMedia Type: PrintableMedia Size: 2.10″ Width x 3.38″ LengthMedia Thickness: 30 milMedia Weight: 0.20 ozOperating Frequency: 13.56 MHzOperating Range: 4.50″Encryption: WiegandEncryption Key Size: 5 ByteMemory Size: 256 ByteMaterial: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)Compatibility: Bosch Readers: ARD-R10 ARD-R40 ARD-RK40 ARD-VSMART OverviewiCLASS reg; Credentials use contactless smart card technology to provide enhanced security and a 13.56 MHz read and write platform for increased speed. iCLASS Cards, Tokens, and Adhesive Tags have large amounts of memory to support applications such as access control, biotechnology, network log-on security, cashless vending, time and attendance, and automotive vehicle identification. The credentials are available in 2K bit (256 Bytes) or 16K bit (2K Bytes) configurations. iCLASS Cards iCLASS Cards provide contactless smart card technology in a thin, plastic card. It is possible to print custom artwork or photographs directly on the cards. iCLASS Tokens iCLASS Tokens provide contactless smart card technology in a durable, molded plastic token. The token is the size of a car key and fits on a key chain, key ring, or lanyard. iCLASS Adhesive Tags iCLASS AdhesiveTags provide contactless smart card technology in a coin-sized, disk-shaped transponder. The tags attach to non-metallic objects, creating transition devices to use during the re-badging process. Upgrade from Wiegand, magnetic stripe or barium ferrite technologies and convert existing badges or cards into contactless proximity credentials.Reliable Read RangeThe credentials offer a consistent read range that is not affected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions.Convenient to UseThe smart cards are thin enough to fit with credit cards in a wallet or purse. The cards can also be worn on a strap as an identification badge. The tokens can be carried in a pocket, a handbag, or clipped on a lanyard.The credentials are strong, flexible, and resistant to cracking and breaking. The passive, no-battery design allows for an estimated minimum 100,000 reads.OptionsThe cards support external numbering (inkjet or laser engraving), vertical slot punch, and custom text or graphics.

  • Zebra 104524-803 Premier ID Card

    Key FeaturesManufacturer Part Number: 104524-803Technology: Magnetic Stripe CardMedia Type: PrintableMedia Thickness: 1.18″Color: WhiteMaterial: Polyester/PVC CompositeCompatibility: Zebra ZXP8 Printer