HPE 669282-001 Ethernet 10Gbps Dual-Port PCI Express 2.0 (Gen 2) x8 560M Network Adapter for ProLiant BL-c Servers and Switches
The HPE 669282-001 Ethernet 10Gb Dual-Port 560M mezzanine adapter features the latest generation 10GbE Intel® 82599 controller. The HPE 560M is a low cost, low-power dual port PCIe v.2.0 x8 lane mezzanine adapter designed for HPE ProLiant BL-c servers. The HPE 560M addresses the demanding needs of the next-generation cloud and data center by providing unmatched features for virtualization, scalability to keep up with the HPE ProLiant server platform, with proven and reliable performance Hewlett Packard Enterprise customers have come to expect. The HPE 560M supports enterprise class features such as VLAN tagging, adaptive interrupt coalescing, MSI-X, NIC teaming (bonding), Receive Side Scaling (RSS), jumbo frames, IEEE 1588, PXE boot and virtualization features such as VMware NetQueue, Microsoft VMQ, Intel VMDq and Intel VT-c. This HPE 560M is SR-IOV ready and comes with 3 Years Warranty.
Brand: HPEMPN: 669282-001
Option Part Number: 665246-B21Spare Part Number: 669282-001
General Specifications
Device Type: Network Adapter – Dual PortModel: HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-Port 560M AdapterForm Factor: Type A Mezzanine CardInterface (Bus) Type: PCI Express 2.0 (Gen 2) x8
Networking / Technical Specifications
Network Processor: Intel® 82599 ControllerData Rate: Two ports, each at 20 Gbps bi-directional; 40 Gbps aggregate bi-directional theoretical bandwidthConnectivity Technology: WiredData Link Protocol: GigE, 10 GigEData Transfer Rate: 10 GbpsFeatures: Wake on LAN (WOL), Quality of Service (QoS), Jumbo Frames support, Virtual Machine Device Queues (VMDq), Teaming Support, PXE Support, Receive Side Scaling (RSS), Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV), Tagged VLAN, Extended Message-Signaled Interrupts (MSI-X)
Compliance Standard
IEEE Compliance: 802.3, 802.1ab, 802.3x, 802.3ad, 802.3p/802.1q, 802.3ae, 802.1qau, 802.3ap, 802.1as, 802.1qaz, 802.1QbbRoHS Compliance 6 of 6
Processor: 1 – Intel® 82599 Controller
Software / System Requirements
Operating System and Virtualization Support: Microsoft Windows Server 2012; Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2, R2 (x86, x64); Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, R2 SP1; Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.7, 6.1 (x86, EM64T/AMD64); SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) (x86, EM64T/AMD64); VMware ESX/ESXi 4.1u2, ESXi 5.0u1, ESXi 5.1.; vSphere 6.5; Citrix XenServer 6.0; Solaris 10 (x86, x64)
Power Requirements
Power Consumption: 6.5 Watt Maximum
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature: 32 °F (0°C)Max Operating Temperature: 131 °F (55°C)Operating Humidity Range: 10 – 90% (Non-Condensing)
Compatible Slots: 1 x Expansion Slot
Product Dimensions & Weight
Width: 8.25 inchHeight: 2.50 inchDepth: 9.78 inchWeight: 1.00 lbs
Agency Approvals
USA: FCC (CFR 47 part 15) and UL 60950Canada: ICES-003 and CSA60950Japan: VCCIEuropean Union: EN55022:1998 (CISPR 22), EN55024:1998 and IEC60950:1999 (EN60950:2000)Australia: ACA, AS/NZS3548/EN55022:1998, EN55024:1998Korea: MIC (RRL), EMC Registration
NOTE: The HPE 560M on each server blade connects to a 10Gb interconnect in bays 3-8 (HPE BladeSystem C7000 Enclosure) or bays 2-4 (HPE BladeSystem C3000 Enclosure).
NOTE: This adapter requires a minimum of 2 GB of server memory.
Compatibility Information
Designed for
HPE ProLiant BL Series: BL460c Gen9 Server Blade, BL660c Gen9 Server Blade, BL460c Gen10 Server Blade
HPE ProLiant WS Series: WS460c Gen9 Server Blade
NOTE: Thermal reporting for Gen10 is in server design not in adapters.
HPE Blade Switch: 6120XG Blade Switch, 6120G/XG Blade Switch, 6125G/XG Ethernet Blade Switch, 6125XLG Ethernet Blade Switch, 6127XLG Ethernet Blade Switch and GbE2c Layer 2/3 Ethernet Blade Switch
HPE Ethernet BL-c Switch: 1:10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch
Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch for HPE: 3120G Blade Switch, 3120X Blade Switch and 3020 Blade Switch
Cisco Fabric Extender for HPE: B22HP
HPE Pass Thru Module: 10GbE Pass-Thru Module and 1GbE Pass Thru Module
NOTE: 10GbE converged connectivity is supported in all HPE 6120XG, HPE 6125XG series switches, Cisco B22 Fabric Extender and HPE 10GbE Pass-Thru modules. All other supported interconnects and switches are limited to 1GbE per connection for Ethernet-ony traffic.
Product Features
Dual-port 10Gb Ethernet PCIe v2.0 (x8) Mezzanine Adapter Designed for Maximum Network Performance.SR-IOV ready enhanced virtualization capabilities support VMware NetQueue and Microsoft VMQ , Intel VT-c helps meets the performance demands of consolidated virtual workloads.New I/O technologies reduce system power, increase I/O performance and reduce I/O latency. Supports Precision Time Stamping protocol (IEEE 1588 & 802.1AS).Supports Wake-on-LAN (WOL) at 1 Gb, has PXE, MSI-X support, Teaming, and IPv6.Adapter supports HPE Sea of Sensors 3D Technology.
High Performance and Low power characteristicsUp to 40 Gb/s bi-directional line ratesEnhanced virtualization features with VMDq and SR-IOV supporting Microsoft VMQ, VMware NetQueue, Xen and Linux environmentsLess than 6.5 watts power dissipation
Standard Features
At a Glance Features- Industry-leading throughput and latency performance- Supports HPE ProLiant Gen8 BL-c servers- Type A mezzanine adapter- Dual 10 Gb ports provide up to 40 Gb bi-directional per adapter- Hardware and software acceleration and intelligent offloads for stateless TCP/IP Jumbo frames support- Supports receive-side scaling (RSS) for efficient distribution of network receive processing across multiple CPUs in multiprocessor systems- Supports the Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE)- Supports Wake-on-LAN (at 1Gb)NOTE: Wake-on-LAN is supported only on Port1 from system power state S5
Throughput Theoretical BandwidthThis adapter delivers 20 Gb/s bi-directional Ethernet transfer rate per port (40 Gb/s per adapter), providing the network performance needed to improve response times and alleviate bottlenecks.
802.1p QoS TaggingIEEE quality of service (QoS) 802.1p tagging allows the adapter to mark or tag frames with a priority level across a QoS-aware network for improved traffic flow.
802.1Q VLANsIEEE 802.1Q virtual local area network (VLAN) protocol allows each physical port of this adapter to be separated into multiple virtual NICs for added network segmentation and enhanced security and performance. VLANs increase security by isolating traffic between users. Limiting the broadcast traffic to within the same VLAN domain also improves performance.
Active Health SystemSupports HPE Active Health System – monitors and records changes in the server hardware and configuration enabling customers to have accurate information that will assist in diagnosing problems and delivering rapid resolution when server failures occur.
DPDKThis adapter supports DPDK with benefit for packet processing acceleration and use in NFV deployments.
HPE Sea Of Sensors 3DSupport for the HPE Sea of Sensors which is a collection of 32 sensors that automatically track thermal activity heat – across the server. When temperatures get too high, sensors can initiate fans and make other adjustments to reduce energy usage. A significant improvement lies in the ability to apply fan speed increases only to the portion of the system that is rising in temperature, rather than all six fans in unison, which reduces the amount of energy used for cooling.
Interrupt CoalescingInterrupt coalescing (interrupt moderation) groups multiple packets, thereby reducing the number of interrupts sent to the host. This process optimizes host efficiency, leaving the CPU available for other duties.
Jumbo FramesThis adapter supports Jumbo Frames (also known as extended frames), permitting up to a 9,500 byte (KB) transmission unit (MTU) when running Ethernet I/O traffic. This is over six times the size of a standard 1500 byte Ethernet frame. With Jumbo Frames, networks can achieve higher throughput performance and greater CPU utilization. These attributes are particularly useful for database transfer and tape backup operations.
Management SupportThis adapter ships with agents that can be managed from HPE Systems Insight Manager or other management application that support SNMP.
Network Adapter TeamingThis adapter support for NIC teaming helps IT administrators increase network fault tolerance and increased network bandwidth, the team of adapters can work together as a single virtual adapter, providing support for several different types of teaming enabling IT administrators to optimize availability, improve performance and help reduce costs.
Optimized for VirtualizationI/O Virtualization support for VMware NetQueue and Microsoft VMQ helps meet the performance demands of consolidated virtual workloads.
Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE)Support for PXE enables automatic deployment of computing resources remotely from anywhere. It allows a new or existing server to boot over the network and download software, including the operating system, from a management/ deployment server at another location on the network.Additionally, PXE enables decentralized software distribution and remote troubleshooting and repairs.
TCP/UDP/IPFor overall improved system response, this adapter supports standard TCP/IP offloading techniques including: TCP/IP, UDP checksum offload (TCO) moves the TCP and IP checksum offloading from the CPU to the network adapter. Large send offload (LSO) or TCP segmentation offload (TSO) allows the TCP segmentation to be handled by the adapter rather than the CPU.
Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588 PTP)Synchronization of system clocks throughout a network, achieving clock accuracy in the sub-microsecond range, making it suitable for measurement and control systems.
Contact us if you have any question about this product to verify the compatibility of this model with your current server or storage array.
View AllClose 90 Days Warranty General
Brand: HPEModel: 674764-B21MPN: 674764-B21
Device Type: Network adapter – 2 portsInterface (Bus) Type: PCI Express 2.0 x8
Connectivity Technology: WiredCabling Type: Ethernet 10GBase-KX4Data Link Protocol: 10 GigEData Transfer Rate: 10 GbpsFeatures: Flow control, VLAN support, TCP/IP offloading, Quality of Service (QoS), Jumbo Frames support, PXE support, Receive Side Scaling (RSS)Compliant Standards: IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3ad (LACP), IEEE 802.3ae, IEEE 802.3ap, IEEE 802.1Qau
Processor: 1 EmulexRAM: 128 MB
Compliant Standards: FCC Class A certified, VCCI, EN55022, ICES-003, IEC 60950, EN55024, UL 60950, CSA 22.2 No. 60950, MIC, AS/NZS 3548, FCC CFR47 Part 15, WEEE, RoHS, ACA
System Requirements
OS Required: SunSoft Solaris x86 10, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, SunSoft Solaris x64 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2, VMware ESX 4.0
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature: 32 °FMax Operating Temperature: 131 °FHumidity Range Operating: 10 – 90% (non-condensing)
Compatibility Information
Designed For: HPE ProLiant BL420c G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) HPE ProLiant BL460c G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) HPE ProLiant BL465c G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) HPE ProLiant BL660c G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9
Contact us if you have any question about this product to verify the compatibility of this model with your current server or storage array.