The HPE 659339-B21 model internal hard drive has a 3.5 inch form factor and a 6Gbps external data transfer rate. It has a spindle speed of up to 7200 RPM and a 2TB capacity. This Large Form Factor drive uses a SATA-6Gbps interface and has 1 Year Warranty from us. Specification General Brand: HPModel: 659339-B21MPN: 659339-B21 Device Type: Hard drive – internalCapacity: 2 TBForm Factor: 3.5″ LFFInterface: Serial ATA-600 Performance Drive Transfer Rate: 600 MBps (external)Spindle Speed: 7200 rpm Expansion & Connectivity Interfaces: 1 x Serial ATA-600Compatible Bays: 1 x internal – 3.5″ LFF Compatibility Information Designed For: HPE ProLiant DL320e Gen8 (3.5 inch), DL320e Gen8 Base (3.5 inch), DL320e Gen8 Entry (3.5 inch), DL320e Gen8 Performance (3.5 inch), ML310e Gen8 (3.5 inch), ML310e Gen8 Base (3.5 inch), ML310e Gen8 Entry (3.5 inch), ML310e Gen8 Performance (3.5 inch), ML350e Gen8 (3.5 inch), ML350e Gen8 Base (3.5 inch), ML350e Gen8 Entry (3.5 inch), ML350e Gen8 Performance (3.5 inch), ML350e Gen8 v2 (3.5 inch) Contact us if you have any question about this product to verify the compatibility of this model with your current server or storage array.
View AllClose 3 Years Warranty Brand: HPEMPN: P07934-B21
Option Part Number: P07934-B21Spare Part Number: P08696-001
Device Type: Solid State Drive – Hot-SwapCapacity: 1.92 TBNAND Flash Memory Type: Multi-Level Cell (MLC)Form Factor: 3.5 inch LFFInterface: SATA 6GbpsPlug Type: Hot PluggableCarrier Type: Low Profile Converter (LPC)Workload Type: Mixed UseFeatures: Digitally Signed FirmwareBundled with: HPE Low Profile ConverterHeight: 7 mm (0.3 inch)
Lifetime Writes: 17500Endurance DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day): 5Drive Transfer Rate: 6 Gb/sec (external)Random Read IOPS (4KiB, Q=16): 59000Max Random Read IOPS (4KiB): 62000@Q32Random Write IOPS (4KiB, Q=16): 52500Max Random Write IOPS (4KiB): 52500@Q16
Expansion & Connectivity
Interfaces: 1 x SATA 6 Gb/sCompatible Bay: 3.5″ LFF
Power Requirement
Maximum Power Consumption: 6.80 Watts
Minimum Dimensions & Weight
Height: 14.61 cm (5.75 inch)Width: 25.40 cm (10.00 inch)Depth: 21.92 cm (8.63 inch)Weight: 1.36 kg (3.00 lbs)
Compatibility Information
Designed for
HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 (3.5 inch), 4200 Gen9 (3.5 inch), 4510 Gen9 (3.5 inch)
HPE ProLiant DL Series: DL20 Gen10 (3.5 inch), DL20 Gen10 Entry (3.5 inch), DL20 Gen10 Performance (3.5 inch), DL20 Gen10 solution (3.5 inch), DL325 Gen10 (3.5 inch), DL325 Gen10 Entry (3.5 inch), DL325 Gen10 Performance (3.5 inch), DL325 Gen10 SMB Solution (3.5 inch)
HPE ProLiant ML Series: ML110 Gen10 (3.5 inch), ML110 Gen10 Entry (3.5 inch), ML110 Gen10 Performance (3.5 inch), ML110 Gen10 Solution (3.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 (3.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Base (3.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Entry (3.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Performance (3.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Solution (3.5 inch), ML350 Gen10 Sub-Entry (3.5 inch)
HPE ProLiant XL Series: XL170r Gen10 (3.5 inch), XL190r Gen10 (3.5 inch)
Contact us with any questions or to verify this model’s compatibility with your current server or storage array.